How to order the correct size firesleeve

Hydraulic and fuel line hoses have dash sizes associated with them. As an example; "-6". This number represents the inside diameter of the hose measured in 16th of an inch. So a "-6 hose" is 6/16 of an inch, or 3/8" I.D. (Inside Diameter).

Firesleeve also has a dash size associated with it. It also represents the inside diameter of the sleeve.

When choosing the size of the firesleeve, you must take into account the wall thickness of the hose it is covering. As an example, a -6 hose may have a 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" or some other wall thickness depending on the type of hose, so you need to measure the OUTSIDE Diameter of the hose to determine the correct INSIDE Diameter of the firesleeve to use.

Many hoses of common use from various manufacturers have known or standard wall thicknesses, and to determine the outside diameter of these hoses you can use the manufacturer's catalogs or data sheets to determine the outside diameter, or you can use our lookup chart for many of the common hoses to determine the correct size of firesleeve to use.

Under normal circumstances, the length of firesleeve you will need is the same length as the hose before the fittings are attached. For very long lengths or for hoses with bends or curves, you will need to use a longer length of firesleeve to cover the hose than expected. Increasing the Inside Diameter of the firesleeve also makes it easier to install over long lengths. You can view our installation tips and techniques videos on YouTube.